Walton primo 100

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Walton Mobile is one of fewer mobile phone brand that is from Bangladesh! The main characteristic of Walton mobile is quite affordable with high quality specifications. Walton has been producing variety of products especially for home appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners and TV which are all very affordable prices with reasonable functions.
Why Walton Mobile Good?
For the mobile phone sector, Walton is well known for Primo series. Since the releases of Primo series, their popularity in mobile phone market just went up. There are many affordable price android phones in Bangladesh market but one of reasons that people went for Walton Primo series is because it has remarkable high quality display, camera as well as faster CPU. Walton mobile targets not for high-end mobile phone with high prices rather than middle class or students who want to buy high quality phone with good price.

The vehicle is heavily armored with "impregnable armor", rendering it almost completely bulletproof; while most vehicles can be destroyed by a shotgun shell to the fuel tank in front of the rear wheels, this does not apply to the Enforcer. The vehicle is still vulnerable to explosive damage, and while a steel mesh covers the windshield and protects the driver and front passenger from frontal assault, the cabin's side windows are not armored. It takes at least 10 APC cannon rounds or Explosive Shotgun rounds to trigger the Enforcer to burn and explode.

Walton primo 100

walton primo 100


walton primo 100walton primo 100walton primo 100walton primo 100walton primo 100