Test ingresso primo liceo matematica

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The First Certificate in English (B2 level) requires a high intermediate level of English appropriate to good level students in the last three years of the school. It may also be appropriate for mother-tongue English speakers and for younger students and teachers who have studied English to a high level outside the school. Apart from the lessons, taking the course requires regular study at home of between two and five hours a week, and perhaps more immediately before the exam. A ‘credito formativo’ is granted to all students in the final three years who attend the course regularly. The First Certificate in English is recognised by many employers and on some courses at the Universities of Rome and elsewhere, exempting those who have passed the exam from having to do a foreign language as part of their degree course.
This year the Virgilio is offering 40-hour courses made up of approximately 32 hours of lessons and 8 hours of exam simulations. Each 90-minute lesson, usually held once a week, will start at on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. There will be three courses. The first one will start in mid-October (with two lessons a week to begin with) and will prepare students for taking the examination in March 2015. The other two courses will commence in late November and will be for students taking the exam in June 2015.
The entry test consists of a written test lasting 45 minutes open to all. No dictionaries permitted. Please be punctual. The results of the written test will be posted on the notice boards on the ground floor next to Room 64.

Test ingresso primo liceo matematica

test ingresso primo liceo matematica


test ingresso primo liceo matematicatest ingresso primo liceo matematicatest ingresso primo liceo matematicatest ingresso primo liceo matematicatest ingresso primo liceo matematica