Sodium caprate

This Food Additives Status List, formerly called Appendix A of the Investigations Operations Manual (IOM),  organizes additives found in many parts of 21 CFR into one alphabetized list. Additives included are those specified in the regulations promulgated under the FD&C Act, under Sections 401 (Food Standards), and 409 (Food Additives). The Food Additives Status List includes short notations on use limitations for each additive. For complete information on its use limitations, refer to the specific regulation for each substance. New regulations and revisions are published in current issues of the Federal Register as promulgated. Also refer to the Food Ingredient and Packaging inventories in the Foods section of the FDA  web site to review several FDA databases of additive categories. For example, the EAFUS list (Everything Added to Food in the United States), is a helpful reference within the limitations described at the beginning of the database.

NHEKs were incubated in culture medium (control) or culture medium containing 10 µM C10 alone or 10 µM C10 plus  µM nifedipine for 9 or 10 d. (A) The TER of the NHEK cultures was measured on day 9 or 10. Data are expressed as percentages of the value for the control cultures (± Ω·cm 2 ). Values are means±. ( n =7 per group). **  p <, significant difference from control cultures. #   p <, significant difference from C10 group. (B) Immunofluorescence staining for claudin-1 in NHEKs. Left panel: control; middle panel: 10 µM C10; right panel: 10 µM C10 plus  µM nifedipine. (C) Representative Western blots of claudin-1 in NHEKs.

Sodium caprate

sodium caprate


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