Proviron only for libido

drink: boil water with cloves and cinannmon and drink occasionally
breakfast: eggs in any form
lunch and dinner: deer, pigeon, beef, mutton, spinach, yoghurt curry, black chick peas, tomatoes, onions and red peppers. cook using red pepper and salt only. you can use cloves and cinammon as herbs.
nuts: walnuts, figs, raisans and pistachio
no bread etc and certainly no tea and coffee!!! but you can have bread cooked with chick pea flour.
have atleast 4 glasses of milk everyday! its best to get fresh milk and avoid packed and processed food.

Conventionally, athletes use Proviron during a cutting phase when it is most effective and beneficial. It provides a strong hardening effect. The product ensures a great fat burning option. The binding to the androgen receptor provides a dependable melting of fats. Simultaneously, it protects the body from muscle loss. This is the most valuable trait of this steroid. In addition, it causes almost no water retention, which a tremendous advantage in comparison to other similar anabolic steroids. An enhanced androgenicity easily provides these options.

Proviron only for libido

proviron only for libido


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