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The political canon of Falange resembled that of Italy's Partito Nazionale Fascista . It shared its dislike of Marxism and its contempt for democracy. Primo de Rivera proposed that the creation of a hierarchical trade-union hegemony under Falangist control would guarantee the robust protection of every honest worker. Additionally the Falangist platform called for extensive agrarian reforms, for the nationalization of the banking system and for the suppression of all political parties. Until the desired establishment of one-party rule Falange preferred the formalities of a liberal democracy. The party had no formal view on religion other than to guarantee freedom of worship while at the same time acknowledging and affirming that Roman Catholicism was the historical preference of the Spanish people. [23]

Later, serious academic study of orthorexia began to occur. Organizations like the International Federation of Eating Disorder Dietitians (IFEDD ) and the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) began to discuss the concept at meetings and in their published literature. Thom R. Dunn of the University of Northern California published a formal article on a case of orthorexia, and proposed diagnostic criteria. [Note: Dr. Dunn and I will be soon be publishing revised criteria that we expect to be definitive.] The authors of the DSM, the American Psychiatric Association’s classification and diagnostic tool, were even quoted as considering it for inclusion.

I can find no example in English of “flights” used in the plural in this sense without a qualification of who is fleeing from what or whom. This no doubt is why Woolf avoided the word in the 1959 version. Introducing it now in the new edition, presumably for correctness, since fughe definitely does not mean “scuffles,” he disorients the reader. The upward jolt to the register reinforces the slightly literary tone of “resound” (“the block resounded”), which, like “refrain,” has a more elevated feel than the word it is translating, in this case risuona , which again is standard Italian fare. The whole thing might have been delivered as,

Primo instead of test

primo instead of test


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