Primo and test dosage

Steroid Newbie Cycle Planning Pharma Welcome Newbie, First off please don't email me asking for juice connections, I don't have any to give out. I am happy to help people with cycle plans but won't hook you up with a connection. I am not a medical professional, just a dude that knows a lot about juice so take my advice as just that. So on to the guide... you wanna learn about juice eh. Well the purpose of this thread is twofold: There are way too many "this is my first cycle, does this look ok" threads junking up the ster…

I haven’t had to use it myself, but I’ve heard letrozol is the most effective thing for reducing gyno. You can keep it at bay but the only thing that will remove the tissue is surgery. Continue to hit the aromasyn at 20-25mg/day until it goes down, in the meantime order some letrozol and -2mg/day I believe is the recommended dosage for getting gyno symptoms to subside. Research letro because personally I’ve never used it but off top of my head I THINK that’s the recommended dosage to get gyno symptoms to go down

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Primo and test dosage

primo and test dosage


primo and test dosageprimo and test dosageprimo and test dosageprimo and test dosageprimo and test dosage