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An incorporated association to which I belong, has not sent out the Minutes of last year’s AGM. They have not circulated them either after the last year’s AGM or with the notice for the next AGM this year. I suspect they are planning just to table them at the new AGM and pass them there, using all the Proxy votes the Chair has made out in her name. As there were a number of controversial issues at that previous AGM, that members who were not present would not know about, I am wondering if the Board will just try and pretend they did not happen. Can the do this and what can I do?

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The chronological readings at follow the reading plan according to the NLT version. Please note that there are differences between the NLT and NIV translations when it comes to the chronological reading plan. One is copyrighted by Tyndale, the other by Zondervan. One reads according to the timeframes the events actually occurred (NLT) while the other may read according to when the text was actually written. So if you are attempting to complement your chronological NIV book readings with our chronological online version they will not match. Please see this page for details.

Master one year

master one year


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