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Team Boone is an Authorized Yanmar Engines, Parts & Service Dealership!  Team Boone is focused on solutions to solve our customer’s business problems and make them more profitable. Parts availability is an extremely important issue, especially when the needed part is due to an unscheduled machine failure. Nothing is more frustrating than to have a machine break down on the job. We recognize what this situation means, and that is why we have strengthened our parts commitment to our customers. We stock a large number of Hyundai parts and have access to millions of other parts. Let our Parts Specialist do the work for you!

At the marina office, I was provided with four copies of the forms I'd filled in. First a visit to the police in one office. Then Customs in another. Finally Immigration in a third. With three or four visiting yachts a day, these officials were not overworked. They went through the details slowly and carefully. Passport. Picked up and riffled through. A box to be filled in for the number. Look at the form carefully. Pick up the passport carefully. Look back at the form. Look at the number. Back to the form. Then slowly the number was filled in. A check back at the passport. Then at the form. Okay. Next item. And so on. This took time. But the officials hadn't much else to do.

Mast es sjen

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