Lean change cycle

For each of these belt levels skill sets are available that describe which of the overall Lean Six Sigma tools are expected to be part at a certain Belt level. These skill sets provide a detailed description of the learning elements that a participant will have acquired after completing a training program. The level upon which these learning elements may be applied is also described. The skill sets reflect elements from Six Sigma, Lean and other process improvement methods like the theory of constraints (TOC) total productive maintenance (TPM).

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Applying these insights
Surprisingly the insights of the change roller coaster model are all too frequently overlooked, and this is reflected in the failure rate with change initiatives. William Bridges has said: “A change can work only if the people affected by it can get through the transition it causes successfully.” All of this is examined , co-related and integrated with the other key themes in the "Practitioners Masterclass".

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Lean change cycle

lean change cycle


lean change cyclelean change cyclelean change cyclelean change cyclelean change cycle