El primo 100 lucha wikipedia

It’s startling how quickly certain matches can shift from the territory of mindless fun to almost wince-inducing brutality. "Now this is a good, old-fashioned street fight," commentator Bobby Heenan exclaimed at the start of Spring Stampede’s tragically overlooked Falls Count Anywhere Chicago Street Fight. The brawl fit in broken pool cues, crashed merchandise tables and a shovel, and was way more dangerous than anything else happening at the time. The most harrowing moment came near the end, when Jerry Sags tested the durability of the human spine by shoving Cactus Jack back-first off a ramp onto the floor. And for good measure, Sags bludgeoned Cactus’ face with a shovel. "I’ve seen enough," Heenan said, satiated, even a little disgusted, after the pinfall. — JOHN CLAPP

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El primo 100 lucha wikipedia

el primo 100 lucha wikipedia


el primo 100 lucha wikipediael primo 100 lucha wikipediael primo 100 lucha wikipediael primo 100 lucha wikipediael primo 100 lucha wikipedia