Dutch master one review

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Contrary to what the article says, students of Dutch not able to master the Hard G won’t find it any easier in “the mountains of Maastricht”. Whereas the Hard G is pronounced almost always the same, the Soft G has four different phonemes, or versions, that students of Southern Dutch or Belgian Dutch must master. In other words, the g/ch-sounds in ‘gaan’ , ‘ging’, ‘toch’ and ‘archief’ are all said in different ways in Southern Dutch and Belgian Dutch. If you mix the different versions up, you’ll sound like you have a speech impediment. So, there are actually four different Soft Gs to master, as opposed to one Hard G. But with all things of beauty, oefening baart kunst 😉

Dutch master one review

dutch master one review


dutch master one reviewdutch master one reviewdutch master one reviewdutch master one reviewdutch master one review