Dianabol british dragon

Even their web site is shaky ? Misspelled words responses are not correct English if you keep submitting validation numbers even at random they will validate after a few tries. The video showing their facility is the same as Asia Pharma has on their web site. If I add all this up I smell a rat . I just got 2 vials of Stanabol everything looks good but something is just not right about these folks. I mean the web site is just low grade why? Web sites are so cheap and easy to make look good . Why would you go with something that unprofessional looking if you were a legit company making quality products Right ? I did not order this it was send as a sub for Anazolo which I gues is NLA or something. The Alpha Pharma 50 mg stanzol tabs I am just finishing are awesome . Was doing 100mg's a day but my blood pressure got to high and I had to cut back to 50mg's.

Dianabol british dragon

dianabol british dragon


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