Diana lol papercraft

Gah! Busted!

I know, I know...but here's why, I tried to do it with a brown shirt and red overalls, but I couldn't get yarn colors that were exact enough to make it look right. The browns kept clashing with the red and it made it look like Mario's shirt and pants sort of faded together and he looked kind of blob-like.
Going with the Donkey Kong Mario was kind of a last resort.

As far as the hat goes...yeah, you're totally right...I have no idea why I did that blue instead of red.

...and it's REALLY bothering me right now.
THANKS, for pointing that out! lol :)

Thanks so much for posting this fun project! It was a pleasure to figure out (the first draft was a bit of a stinker, haha).
I don’t assume for anyone to scroll THIS far down in the comments, but I added a a twist that might be helpful or slightly interesting to some: I was concerned about bubbling and a wonky fit, so rather than gluing on a backing piece of paper, I cut a second piece of paper a 1/2″ smaller on both sides. I then cut some zig-zags of the same proportion on the diagonal in each of the four corners of the pop-up paper, and fitted the “cover” into the slots.
Wowee did it look good! I didn’t want to give it away, hahaha. 😉
(I wish I could include a photo but I don’t have a website/hosting).
Thanks again for an enjoyable project! I look forward to trying others (and BUYING YOUR BOOK!) 🙂
Have a great day!

Diana lol papercraft

diana lol papercraft


diana lol papercraftdiana lol papercraftdiana lol papercraftdiana lol papercraftdiana lol papercraft