Depo haldol

Patients initiated on depot risperidone had a longer length of stay prior to their first injection and were less likely to be discharged on that medication compared to patients initiated on depot fluphenazine or haloperidol, possibly indicating that patients initiating depot risperidone had a more severe or treatment-resistant course of illness and/or that there were reimbursement barriers for the outpatient utilization of depot risperidone, or that efficacy differences exist between the depot antipsychotics at the doses used in this population.

Yes. There is actually no such thing as ‘old’ gold – when vintage jewellery is melted down and refined to remove impurities, what is left is gold, pure and simple.
As for ethical gold, the only difference is that the miners who panned or mined for the gold receive a fair price for their efforts. This is also true for ethical diamonds. The communities who rely on the gold mine/alluvial gold fields profit from the sale of the gold and receive assistance from government and NGO’s to set up educational and social projects and the environment surrounding the mine benefits from the lack of harsh chemicals used and the strict water recycling system. This arrangement is fair trade and the first in Australia.

Depo haldol

depo haldol


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