A romantic tale of two New Yorkers, Armando Ortiz, from the Bronx, and Mia Franklin, from the Upper East Side, and their unlikely meeting. The story tells how the two of them come together through their love of ballroom dancing. Mia is a beautiful and vivacious professional dancer. Armando works at the midtown Manhattan dance studio in exchange for lessons and fantasizes of a time when he will dance with Mia. But a tragic accident forever changes Mia's life. True to his heart, Armando dedicates himself, along with a group of colorful misfits, to help Mia overcome her painful challenges and dance once more. Written by Anonymous

Shocklee began his career DJing at various parks, house parties and clubs in New York City during the early 1980s. His style was inspired by several Brooklyn-based DJs including Grandmaster Flowers and DJ Plumber. He also cites Fatback Band's "" King Tim III (Personality Jock) " as the pioneering rap song that triggered his interest in recording. The Bomb Squad's first songs were produced in Shocklee's mother's basement and recorded on tape and acetate . He has since gone on to work with the following recording artists: LL Cool J , Ice Cube , Janet Jackson , Sinéad O'Connor and many other big-name acts.