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L AB n. a laboratory
LAC n. a dark-red resin
LAD n. a boy or youth
LAG v. to fall behind (n. LAGGER)
LAH n. sixth musical note in a scale
(also LA)
LAM v. to beat (n. LAMMER)
LAP v. to scoop up with the tongue
LAR n. Roman god relating to a house
LAS plural of LA n. sixth musical note in
a scale
LAT n. (India) an isolated pillar
LAV n. a lavatory
LAW adj. (Scots.) low;
v. (obs.) to take to court
LAX adj. slack; n. a kind of salmon
LAY v. to deposit as a wager
LEA n. a meadow or pasture
LED past tense of LEAD v. to show the
LEE v. (Scots.) to tell a lie
LEG v. to push a barge through a tunnel
using the legs (n. LEGGER)
LEI n. a garland or wreath
LEK v. to gather cocks; n. an Albanian currency (pl. LEKE, LEKS, LEKU)
LEP (dial.) same as LEAP v. to jump
LES n. a lesbian (also LEZ)
LET v. to hinder (. LETTED)
LEU n. a Romanian currency (pl. LEU)
LEV n. a Bulgarian currency (also LEW;
pl. LEVA)
LEW n. a Bulgarian currency (also LEV; pl. LEVA)
LEX n. (Latin) the law
LEY n. a meadow or pasture (also LEA)
LEZ n. a lesbian (also LES)
LIB v. to geld
LID v. to provide with a lid
LIE v. to fib (n. LIAR); to be in a
horizontal position (n. LIER)
LIG v. to lie about, idle (n. LIGGER)
LIN v. (obs.) to cease
LIP v. to touch with the lips
LIS n. a fleur-de-lis
LIT n. a former monetary unit of Lithuania
(also LITAS)
LOB v. to hit or throw a ball high
LOD n. the odds of an event
LOG v. to fell trees (n. LOGGER)
LOO v. to force a forfeit at "loo"
(a card game)
LOP v. to cut off unnecessary parts
LOR interj. expressing surprise
(also LORDY)
LOS n. (arch.) praise (also LOOS)
LOT v. to allot
LOU v. to love
LOW adj. not high
v. to make the noise of cattle
LOX v. to supply with liquid oxygen
LOY n. a long, narrow spade
LUD n. a lord
LUG v. to pull or drag with difficulty
LUM n. (Scots.) a chimney
LUR n. a Bronze Age trumpet
LUV n. a term of endearment; sweetheart
LUX n. a unit of illumination
LUZ n. a supposedly indestructible bone
(pl. LUZZES)
LYE n. a short branch of a railway
LYM n. (Shakesp.) a leash
(also LYME, LYAM)

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In SINGLE, the pivotal Phase 3 trial, subjects with hepatitis C virus co-infection were permitted to enroll provided that baseline liver chemistry tests did not exceed 5 times the upper limit of normal; subjects with hepatitis B co-infection were excluded. Overall, the safety profile in subjects with hepatitis C virus co-infection was similar to that observed in subjects without hepatitis C co-infection, although the rates of AST and ALT abnormalities were higher in the subgroup with hepatitis C virus co-infection for both treatment groups. Grades 2 to 4 ALT abnormalities in hepatitis C co-infected compared with HIV mono-infected subjects receiving Triumeq were observed in 15% and 2% (vs. 24% and 4% of subjects treated with ATRIPLA) (Week 96 analysis), respectively [see Warnings and Precautions ()] . See also full prescribing information for TIVICAY.

Dbal max dosage

d bal max dosage


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