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An Italian ironworker or rigger, Tino loves his work. Just read his story of the disaster on that bridge in India, or follow his description, given in loving detail, of how he assembled that off-shore oil platform in Alaska. He has traveled the world as a rigger, and now he unfolds his adventures to his chemist friend in monologues swirling with danger and exuberance. As these two men talk, the reader comes to see how one's work expresses one's life. Departing from the Holocaust themes of his previous works, Levi pays tribute to happiness on earth, of which he finds ``loving your work represents the best, most concrete approximation.'' William Weaver's fine translation from the original Italian catches Tino's ebullience, effectively bringing Levi's genius to the English audience. Highly recommended. Paul E. Hutchison, English Dept., Pennsylvania State Univ., University Park

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Brio primo bilbarnstol test

brio primo bilbarnstol test


brio primo bilbarnstol testbrio primo bilbarnstol testbrio primo bilbarnstol testbrio primo bilbarnstol testbrio primo bilbarnstol test